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We are blessed, excited and humbled to share with you the good works being accomplished for the Church through #iGiveCatholic as published in these reports and articles.

USCCB 2021 Press Release

on Joining #iGiveCatholic Together for Online Giving Site Press Release

2021 Press Releases

Seventh Annual #iGiveCatholic Kicks Off Charitable Season

Seventh Annual #iGiveCatholic Breaks Funding Record

Media Alert

2021 #iGiveCatholic Media Alert

GivingUSA 2019 Annual Report

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National Catholic Register

#iGiveCatholic Day of Giving Spreads

#iGiveCatholic Empowers Catholics, Giving Millions to Peripheries of US Church-2019

#iGiveCatholic Together: New Online Tool Aids Donations in Light of Coronavirus


Behind the Scenes with #iGiveCatholic

Ideas for Faith-Based Organizations