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    Looking to get the word out using social media? This guide will help you get started and on the road to creating a successful strategy. If you’re new to social media, start by creating a Facebook or Instagram page for your organization.

    Below is a list of ways you can begin engaging your community for #iGiveCatholic!

    Get started by liking or following the #iGiveCatholic page (@iGiveCatholic). This will allow you to get updates, important information and tips for #iGiveCatholic. Also link to other participating organizations from your organization’s page. We will regularly be posting updates as well as examples of best practices from across our partners. 

    Connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Make sure that your Instagram posts are automatically posted on Facebook. Connecting Facebook and Instagram harnesses the power of both social media platforms at once and allows you to reach a wider audience. You can learn more about linking your accounts by clicking the article here

    Promote your Social Media accounts. Include a link to your pages and profiles on your website’s homepage, newsletters, emails...basically everywhere and anywhere. Ask your staff members, board members, volunteers, and donors to like or follow the page and help you promote it.In your personal account, tag the page and ask your social media connections to check it out. Ask employees and board members to do the same.

    Find powerful images. People-centric, positive images will help you draw in new followers. Focus on sharing images that speak to your organization’s mission and your target audience. is a great way to take your own photographs or a stock image to the next level. If you want to include important dates, statistics, or quotes, Canva lets you add text right on top of the image as well as providing you with a suite of photo and video editing tools.

    Create a regular schedule for posting. We recommend posting at least 2-3 times per week to stay in the feeds of your supporters! If you integrate your Instagram posts with Facebook, you’ll want to consider how your Instagram posts will fit in with your other scheduled Facebook posts. Consider making posts that show a chronological history of your special project- such as building a playground.

    Use the #iGiveCatholic hashtag, in addition to other creative hashtags. 3-5 hashtags per post is the sweet spot. We recommend #GiveBackGiveCatholic, but you can also create your own specific hashtag -- like #iGiveCatholicSPCH or one you already use for your organization. Follow this with a broader hashtag tied to your cause (i.e. #savinglives, #endinghomelessness, #spreadingthefaith). Having a succession of hashtags helps with branding and tells your story!

    Talk it up! Post interesting information about your organization and share success stories, photos, and videos! Ask your followers questions to engage them in dialogue. Keep your posts brief! 

    Socialize! Like your supporters’ posts and consider re-sharing posts that stand out and speak to your cause. Showcasing the stories and individuals that propel your organization’s mission will help you gain more followers, recognition, and traction in advance of the day. Also take this opportunity to cross-promote by liking and re-sharing your diocesan and other #iGiveCatholic organizations’ posts to boost your visibility.

    Tell everyone that your organization is participating in #iGiveCatholic. Be sure to tell people what it is all about by using some of the suggested messaging above. Let them know how they can donate and ask them to spread the word.

    Create a Facebook event. Invite your constituents to be part of #iGiveCatholic so that they can be reminded as the day gets closer AND see who else is participating. Also, tell people to invite others. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are hosting an event onsite; the whole day is worth celebration!

    Host an activity. Photo contests are a great way to include your supporters and make your posts more interactive! “Tag a friend” posts, ask your supporters to tag a friend in a post that you’d like to gain more traction in. Offer an incentive to encourage more participation! “Take-Over” Ask a staff member or supporter to take over your Instagram for a week. This allows you to showcase the individuals that make up your unique community, how they embody your mission, and what your organization means to them. “Take-Overs” can help show the impact your organization has on the community!

    Upload authentic and personal videos. People LOVE to watch engaging, inspiring, or funny short videos. Think about how you can use video to inspire your audience to support your work! It DOES NOT have to be professionally done. Just use your smart phone to capture a personal statement from someone related to your organization who has the power to move hearts. Maybe your leader (pastor, principal, board chair), maybe someone who receives your services (student, parishioner, guest at your homeless shelter). Try to keep it under 2 minutes. Even 20 or 30-second clips work GREAT to update your audience on your campaign! If you've never uploaded video before, look for the "How-to" guide at the top of this page. 

    Have fun! Social media is the perfect opportunity to let the unique personalities, humor and convictions of your organization shine through your photos, captions and hashtags! It is also a fantastic opportunity to relate to your supporters, showing them who you are and what you stand for.

    Do not give individual donor shoutouts without the donor’s consent.

    Thank your supporters. Provide a quick thank you message on social media immediately after #iGiveCatholic on GivingTuesday is over and follow up with a longer heart-felt message a day or two after.

    Do all of the above and repeat...again and again and again.

    Sample Social Media Posts

    • Save the date: #iGiveCatholic on #GivingTuesday is Dec 3! You can be part of the celebration by giving to your favorite nonprofit ministry (which we know is us!). Visit to find out more.
    • The real success of #iGiveCatholic will not be how much money we raise but the tremendous impact those dollars will have when ministries across our Catholic community put them to work! Give Back and Give Catholic on Dec 3 at
    • Dec 3 will be an exciting day for everyone in our Catholic community to GIVE BACK and GIVE CATHOLIC! You can learn more about #iGiveCatholic and support our campaign at [link to your profile page]. #iGiveCatholic
    • Let’s show everyone that our Catholic community is full of generosity! On Dec 3, help us celebrate #iGiveCatholic and continue [explanation of mission/work]
    • We’re so excited to be a part of #iGiveCatholic! You can support our campaign by visiting and donating on Dec 3. #iGiveCatholic
    • On Dec 3, you will have the opportunity to give where your heart is! To support our campaign, go [link to profile page]. #iGiveCatholic
    • Are you ready to be a part of #iGiveCatholic? It’s a day to celebrate the good work of our Catholic parishes, schools, and ministries! #iGiveCatholic
    • Mark your calendars for Dec 3. It will be a day for our community to support our mission-driven work at [link to profile page]. #iGiveCatholic
    • It’s time to show that our Catholic community is full of generosity! On Dec 3, help us celebrate #iGiveCatholic!
    • We’re getting pumped for #iGiveCatholic! Join the conversation by following @igivecatholic and liking the #iGiveCatholic pages on FB, Insta and Threads!
    • Get ready to get up and give on Dec 3 through #iGiveCatholic! Follow @igivecatholic to stay updated on this celebration of Catholic generosity!
    • A little can go a long way when we get together and give together on Dec 3 for #iGiveCatholic! Give Back and Give Catholic!
    • "The measure of your success will be the measure of your generosity." - Saint John Paul II #iGiveCatholic #GiveBackGiveCatholic
    • "Let us ask the Lord for the grace of being generous, so that our hearts may be opened and we may become kinder.” Pope Francis #iGiveCatholic #GiveBackGiveCatholic
    • Your generosity for #iGiveCatholic was momentous! Thank you for donating, sharing, engaging, and celebrating our Catholic connection! #iGiveCatholic #GiveBackGiveCatholic
    • Because of supporters like you, #iGiveCatholic was successful at raising awareness and critical program funds for important ministries throughout [diocese name] - Thank you!
    • We are so grateful for our generous supporters who gave during #iGiveCatholic. Each gift made during this campaign will allow us to further our mission of {organization's mission}. Thank you to all who took part in this day with us!
    • We have seen firsthand the amazing things that can happen when our community comes together to Give Back and Give Catholic! We are thankful for the support that {organization name} has received during #iGiveCatholic and look forward to sharing our stories of impact.